Monday, 11 May 2015

Pyrausta nigrata at Caerwent

I visited MoD Caerwent today with Martin and Roger. Plenty of nice butterflies and moths including Drab Looper and Grizzled Skipper in reasonable numbers (though undoubtedly still to peak), plus a few Dingy Skipper and a single Brown Argus. Most exciting for all three of us, though, was the handsome micro-moth Pyrausta nigrata. We saw 3 of these in a small area of grassland, exactly where Martin and Sam B had seen them back in 2004. Caerwent is the only known site for this species in Gwent, and it is very rare in Wales generally.
Pyrausta nigrata


  1. Nigrata is a nice little moth George, I've seen a few myself, however not in V35 yet I hasten to add.
    I've recorded a few for Gloucestershire vice county at Rodborogh Common.
    I guess there must be plenty of Marjaram on site at Caerwent?

  2. Yes, Marjoram and Thyme.

    I was at Rodborough last weekend but didn't see any.