Sunday, 31 May 2015

23rd May
Daytime weather: Sunny spells, light winds and warmer.

A nice bright sunny start with light winds, heralded a much warmer day, in fact it was to be the first time that the temperature would reach over 20c this year.
I just had to get out there and do a bit of butterfly recording for the county.

As most of us know when looking for butterflies moths often turn up from time to time whilst rummaging away amongst undergrowth when walking a site. This was the case today.
I managed to disturb a Speckled Yellow (sorry no picture) which did a complete circle around me and shot away out of reach of my camera.
I was about to leave site when a second moth came into view, a small micro.
I paused and thought, shall I try to obtain a picture or not because sometimes they can be difficult.
I decided to take the challenge and test my patience.
Having got a few pictures it seems well worth it because Sam has told me that we have an Eucosma aspidiscana (Golden-rod Bell) on view.

My first for this year and a bit of a rarity in the county.


  1. The site in question appears to have been in Glamorgan - and that's a county first. Well done Nick.

    1. Thanks very much.
      To be honest I thought I was inside the border for V35, but I'm very happy to have a made a contribution for Glamorgan.