Sunday, 31 May 2015

23rd May, Chepstow
Weather: Partly cloudy, mostly calm.
Overnight  low 12.5 celsius

On your marks 'Argents'
Sam Bosanquet has recently informed me that this species is a completely new one to Vice County 35.
I read that it belongs to the Argyresthiidae family of micro moths which consists of no less than 25 species.
A few are listed as quite common but several are classified as local and two scarce.

This one called Argyresthia trifasciata, or common name 'Triple-barred Argent' is local.
It or they, were both very nearly overlooked.
Just as I had completed looking at the egg boxes I saw the first one fly down onto the lawn. Luckily I managed to coax it into a moth pot. The second one was found by pure chance when as I was about to pick up the moth trap. It was perched upon a corner bracket.
Both were quite co-operative in allowing me pictures which was convenient as they are difficult to photograph due to size.
It's food plant Cypress is just 10-15 feet away in a bank of several trees.
Just for the record!.....Seriously I did not place the moths on the sheet like this, they actually lined as if on starting orders, hence the headline.

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