Saturday, 10 May 2014

Crambus pratella

I am a bit surprised by this, but Sam has advised me that the Crambus pratella that I recorded at Ochrwyth last June was in fact a County first.  Couple of points then - the maps in the Micro Moths field guide for Monmouthshire don't necessarily correspond to the county list and also, not all records in the Lep. of Monmouthshire continue to hold true.

The photograph below is of one of two individuals recorded at Ochrwyth quarry on 29 June 2013 - sorry about the poor quality.  I also recorded the species in my garden at Ochrwyth on 26 June.


  1. Someone told me that Dr Horton's records of C pratella in 'The Book' were erroneous, though I can't remember who or why. Kevin and Roger also recorded this species from Newport in the early 2000s but I've never seen a photo and it is a notoriously difficult species (the Gaer Park records are from plausible habitat). Richard's record is the first really verifiable record I'm aware of.

    On the subject of verifiable stuff, has anybody got a photo of European Corn-borer from Gwent? There was a series of records from Newport in the early 2000s but as with C pratella I'm not entirely convinced it wasn't the result of confusion with something else.

  2. Hi Sam - I did some trapping at Llanwern back in 2005 with DMS and recorded European Corn-borer on 2 July. I think I have a photograph, so will wing over.

  3. Very nice photo thanks Richard - European Corn-borer inked on to the VC35 list and my mind eased.