Friday, 9 May 2014

3rd May
Weather overnight: Dry, mostly clear with patchy cloud.
Temperature low: 6.3c
Moth count: 21 moths of 14 species

As expected a gradual increase in the number of moths and species as it becomes warmer.
Two new species tuned up on site in the form of Red Twin-spot Carpet and Puss Moth.

Nationally scarce 'A' micro moth Mompha Divisella (Neat Cosmet) pictured left, turned up once again.
It was caught last year, which was at the time, only the fourth record ever for VC35.

This year it has been caught twice, on April 23rd and today the 3rd May which suggests there could possibly be a few more numbers out there.

The moth had also spent a day or two in the house after entering through the front door when left ajar one evening. 
I had to return it back outside but being so small it is incredibly difficult to locate, hence a few hours were spent looking for it.

Attracted to the actinic light trap were-

Brimstone Moth -3
Small Phoenix -1 (BAP)
Light Brown Apple Moth -2
Hebrew Character -2
Muslin Moth -3
Knot Grass -1
Common Quaker -1
Shuttle-shaped Dart -2

Pictured left:
Red Twin-spot Carpet -1
(New to site)

Cypress Carpet -1 (Uncommon)
Common Slender -1
Common Pug -1
Neat Cosmet -1
(Nationally scarce A)

Pictured left:
Puss Moth -1 (New to site)

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