Monday, 10 June 2013

Seaview Moths 9th June

Not a huge number of moths in the trap, 19 moths from 12 species. Several wing fragments were lying at the bottom of the trap which I expect was due to predation by bats. Burnished brass seem to be doing well, there were six in the trap as well as a poplar hawkmoth and  a first (for us) Lime hawkmoth. This early Light Arches was very fine.


  1. Hi

    Could your early Light Arches possibly be a (late-ish) Pale Pinion?


  2. I'd agree with Paul, the shoulderknot shown in this photo doesn't go with Light Arches. Everything seems late this year, so to get an early Light Arches seems unlikely.

  3. Hello Paul and Steve,
    Thank you for your comments :-)
    We have looked carefully at images of both species and think you are right.

    There is always something new to find out!