Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lower Ochrwyth - 11 June

There were some heavy rain showers on Tuesday night, but that didn't prevent an excellent catch.  The total was 152 moths of 52 species; by far the best catch of the year so far.  An Eyed Hawkmoth was NFY, but also new for the garden - well over due.  Also NFY were: Small Magpie; Foxglove Pug; Purple Bar; Latticed Heath; Marbled White Spot; Satin Lutestring (x2); Beautiful Golden Y; Broad-barred White; and, Small Angle Shades.
Eyed Hawkmoth

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  1. You have a fantastic location Richard. I ran my MV twice this week. Monday night and Thursday. Both times I thought the light had failed, but I had 6 - 7 moths each time. Warm nights, but too windy.