Saturday, 1 June 2013

Seaview Moths 31st May

This is our first post to Gwentmothing. We are fairly recent moth recorders having started four years ago.

We have a MV Robinson moth trap which we set up in our large garden at St Brides Wentlooge, a village near the coast on the west side of the river Usk.
The area is mainly unimproved pasture and scrub woodland with willows, poplars and ash dominating. There are also birch, conifers and an apple orchard in the garden. Flower borders and a vegetable patch offer sustenance to caterpillars.

After a very disappointing spring we were delighted this morning to find 31 moths from 23 species. They were Common carpet (x1), Brimstone moth (x3), Hebrew character (x1), White ermine (x1), Silver-ground carpet (x1), Green carpet (x1), Bright line brown eye (x1), Small square spot (x2), Flame shoulder (x5), Pebble prominent (x1), Shuttle-shaped dart (x2), Ruby tiger (x1), Muslin moth (x1), Pale prominent (x1), Grey dagger (x1), Clouded-bordered brindle (x1), Dog’s tooth (x1), Lime-speck pug (x1), Common pug (x1), Coronet (x1), Common wave (x1), Poplar hawkmoth (x1), Iron prominent (x1).

We do hope this bumper harvest is the sign of things to come!

 Silver-ground carpet.

 Dogs tooth
Muslin moth

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  1. Perhaps White Ermine rather than a Muslin Moth?