Friday, 31 May 2013

Between the bridges - 30 May

Ventured east with KD to Black Rock picnic site that overlooks the Severn and both crossings.  Ran MV and actinic, which between them produced 47 moths of 14 species: Brimstone x11, Sandy Carpet x3, Flame Shoulder x3, Least Black Arches x2, Green Carpet x2, Chinese Character, Yellow-barred Brindle x4, Common Carpet x10, Pale Tussock x2, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Iron Prominent, Flame Carpet, Common Pug and Scorched Carpet x2.  There was plenty of bat activity early on, which no doubt had a bearing on the size of the catch, but despite this it was a respectable catch in a poorly recorded part of the county.  Scorched Carpet was undoubtedly the species of the night.  The plan is to return to the site over the coming months.

Scorched Carpet

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