Sunday, 28 June 2020

A marvellous, tiny, Nemapogon Keonigi

15th June Chepstow Town

Early this evening I decided I would get some fresh air by looking outside in the back garden to see how the flowers were developing.
Spending a few minutes out I came back down the steps only to see a small moth meandering around mid-air in a shaded part of the garden. Racing back in to collect the net I managed to capture this micro. The outcome after a few photographs and a long search online, (for it was not listed in my moth book), was what I thought to be a Nemapogon koenigi.

Nemapogon keonigi (White-speckled Clothes Moth)

A check with Sam Bosanquet confirmed and he revealed Vice County 35 has only 'a handful of records' of this tiny micro. It apparently starts flying late afternoon onwards, and into the night and feeds on Bracket fungi or rotting wood with a National status of Scarce B.

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