Sunday, 23 September 2018

Mid September moths

Several warm nights recently have produced 25 to 30 moth species at the Dingestow Court MV, although there has been a lack of headline species, especially migrants.  Highlights were:

15/9 Autumnal Rustic, Brown-spot Pinion (not found at Dingestow until 2016) and Large Wainscot

16/9 late Single-dotted Wave & Mottled Rustic, Eudonia pallida, Crocidosema plebejana (4th Gwent record) and Acrobasis consociella (much rarer than the similar Trachycera advenella)

17/9 Barred Sallow, Maiden's Blush, Dark Swordgrass and Tinea semifulvella
19/9 Red Underwing, Brown-spot Pinion and Ypsolopha sylvella (last seen in VC35 in 2005)

21/9 Blair's Shoulder-knot and a fresh Willow Beauty

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