Monday, 3 September 2018

Deja vu

Another Heath Rustic wandered to Dingestow on 2/9/18, accompanied again by lots of wasps and a good range of other insects.  A Lesser Stag Beetle was non-lepidopteran highlight, whilst good moths among the 63 species (a good total for September) included a 2nd generation Waved Umber, Dingestow's second Wood Carpet (I think), 2 Broad-bordered YU, an early Satellite, 3 Pale Eggar, Eudonia pallida, Ectoedemia louisella, 2 Endothenia marginana, a miniscule Stigmella atricapitella (gen det male) and a small Depressaria that I need to check.  The previous night was a little less productive, but a Mouse Moth and a 2nd generation Buff Ermine were noteworthy. 


The abundance of Centre-barred Sallow this year has been commented on by Ian Rabjohns and by a couple of Carmarthenshire moth'ers; I caught 15 on 3/9, beating my previous site records of 10 on 6/9/16 and 4 on 5/9/2004.

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