Friday, 13 July 2018

Night of the Ermines

Once a year, Ermine moths appear in abundance at my MV - last night was that night, with 60+ Yponomeuta evonymella and 40+ Y. rorella, along with a few Y. cagnagella and Y. padella. Moth numbers in general were still high, and there were a few nice species. Highlights were 1 Vine's Rustic - with narrower wings than associated Rustic & Uncertain combined with whiter hindwings - 3 Haworth's Pug, 1 Sallow Kitten, 1 Lesser Yellow-underwing, 1 Small Blood-vein, 1 Dingy Shears and 1 Anania crocealis.

Dingy Footman numbers have been gradually rising over the last 10 days, and are now in the mid 20s (with a couple of the yellow form), although Common Footman (>60) was again the most numerous macro.

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