Thursday, 12 July 2018

Dingy Shears and Eulamprotes atrella


A Dingy Shears to MV on 10th July 2018 was my first at Dingestow since 2003, whilst a Eulamprotes atrella was my first here since 1999.  Other nice species included the pyralids Pempelia (Rhodophaea) formosa, Euzophera pinguis and Dioryctria abietella, and the pretty tortricids Acleris forsskaleana and Eucosma campoliliana.  Broad-bordered Yellow-underwing and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow-underwing made their 2018 debuts, with the latter appearing to have rather dark hindwings initially; prodding and poking eventually confirmed it was just a LBBYU rather than a wandering Langmaid's.

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