Tuesday, 20 March 2018

18th February

St. Pierre's Great Wood, Mounton

An misty, murky night with light rain was a little tough going but it seemed worth it as 16 moths of 5 species arrived.

Seen quite a few Pale Brindled Beauty this year, and this species was among them. This time a new dark form turned up, a first for me. It had me puzzled for several minutes, but getting it back, viewing it in my book and online it now makes sense, its the form monacharia, so a nice bonus.

Pale Brindle Beauty with the dark form 'monacharia' on the right

The other moth featured here is the micro Winter Shade, Tortricodes alternella.
An early emerging species that probably gets overlooked as many people tend not to be trapping out in the wilds at this time of year.
It can be quite numerous given the right habitat and indeed I have found it so on several occasions reaching into double figures.
I'm not sure if this maybe a new site for it, but perhaps Sam might be able to enlighten me on this.

Winter Shade- Tortricodes alternella

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