Sunday, 24 September 2017

Mining near Grosmont

A couple of hours on the SE slopes of Graig Syfyrddin produced a few new Micros for the under-recorded SO42.  Adult moths were thin on the ground, although there were quite a few Nettle-taps on the wing (I'm so used to seeing them with their wings held in Delta-form that closed-winged individuals were very intriguing), a couple of Epinotia tenerana and an Eudonia angustea.

 Mines of Stigmella tiliae were the biggest surprise, because I thought this species was restricted to the south-eastern parts of the county where Small-leaved Lime is commonest.  Mines of Ectoedemia occultella on Birch, with their dark central blob, were also notable.

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  1. Inspiring posts Sam. I`ve had Bedelia recently but I must look out for the birch and pear mines that you`ve had.


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