Saturday, 9 September 2017

Late save to a chilly night

Last night's (8/9) MV trap at Dingestow Court produced 21 mundane autumn species, with the only highlight of this poor catch being an early return to bed.  However, when I went to reset the trap this evening I noticed a Red Underwing sitting on the wall above it.  I don't think I could have overlooked it if it had been there in the morning (not least because I scanned the wall for big grey things in the hope of a Convolvulus Hawkmoth), so presumably it landed nearby and moved during the day.  I prodded it, just in case, but its hindwings were red not blue!


  1. Another even colder night (9/9) with only 15 species, but several that didn't appear on 8/9 including Pebble Hooktip, Spectacle, Ruby Tiger and Pale Eggar. There's a good range of species on the wing, but most aren't flying far on these chilly nights.

  2. Snap on 8/9 - my first ever Red Underwing in Llandaff North, also on a wall near the trap.

    I'm very envious of all your Pale Eggars, a moth I've never seen.