Thursday, 21 September 2017

Late post, Late August

26th August
Chepstow Park Wood-battling bats

I decided to go to one of my local woods this evening. Cloud was beginning to break up as I arrived and soon cleared here by 10pm BST.
It was fairly calm overall so I set up in hope of finding something interesting.
A late passer by with her dogs at dusk was interested in what I was doing and wondered if I was surveying for bats perhaps.
'No' I said 'moths', but I just as well have been surveying for bats than moths because during the evening I set up in three locations within these woods hoping to get in a clear area that was Bat-free.
Every site I chose at least one bat had a look in and interfered with the trap.

I persevered, kept going undeterred and had 30 moths of 14 species.
After battling bats in a frustrating evening, a nice reward for all my efforts came forward in a form of a micro, Epermemia falciformis (Large Lance-wing).

This micro has hardly been encountered at all in the county. It had only one previous sighting 14 years ago by the one and only Sam Bosanquet.
It apparently likes to reside in damp woodland or marshland with its larval food plant being Wild Angelica and Ground-elder.

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