Saturday, 5 August 2017

Uskmouth Reedbeds 4th August
Every year in August I target an area of reedmace for Bulrush Wainscot. I'd noticed a good stand of it in one of the reedbeds at Uskmouth last winter when I was cutting the reeds in an amphibious reed-cutter. There was a culvert entrance nearby with a wooden platform over it which would make an ideal place to put the Skinner actinic trap. The only thing standing in my way was a thicket of bramble 8 foot high and about 6 foot deep! I decided to give my self 30 minutes to try and cut my way through with a pair of shears. It was easier than I had thought - within about 15 minutes I had reached the wooden platform. I set up the Skinner trap and came back this morning at 6am. Going through the egg trays there were only 7 Southern Wainscots, a Flame Shoulder, 2 Large Yellow Underwings and 7 Ringed China-marks on the 1st 3 trays I checked. Disappointment. Turning over the 4th tray I was delighted to see 3 Bulrush Wainscots!

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  1. Well done Kevin.
    I get the impression you don't see many of these type of Wainscot moths? Is it a first for the site there perhaps?