Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Like the good old times ... but with a Nutmeg

This time last year (25/8/16) I had a big haul of moths to MV at Dingestow and Blogged that it was "like the good old times (but with a White Colon)".  Roll on a year, and a lovely warm night produced 400+ moths of 70 species, including nearly 100 each of Large YU and Setaceous HC, and a really good range of other species.  Macro highlights were Dingestow's first Nutmeg (388th Macro for the area), a Small Mottled Willow, 2 Broad-bordered YU, 1 Lime-speck Pug, 1 Maiden's Blush, 2 Flounced Rustic, 1 Centre-barred Sallow and a 2nd generation Clay Triple-lines (which got me hoping for False Mocha or Blair's Mocha).  The Micros were diverse but unremarkable.

The white discal spots, black speckling and dotted border made me hope that this small Cyclophora might be False Mocha or Blair's Mocha, but the cross-lines seem too complete and I have concluded it's just a Clay Triple-lines
Nutmeg is rather uncommon in Gwent, although Martin's map shows recent records for two other sites in SO40 close to Dingestow, as well as a concentration of records in the Newport area.  I don't know how far this one will have wandered from though.

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