Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Eupoecilia angustana at Dingestow

The warm night of 21/8 produced only a single migrant - a Nomophila noctuella - despite southerly winds, but resident species were out in good numbers at Dingestow Court.  Slender Pug, Maiden's Blush and Treble-bar were pick of the macros, whilst micros included an Agriphila selasella hiding among abundant A. tristella (these are much harder than the 'never white' comment in the book suggests), a Batia unitella, a Lesser Wax Moth and an interesting-looking B&W Cochylid.  I assumed that this last would be one of the suite of Cochylis species, but it turned out to be Eupoecilia angustana new for Dingestow (515th Micro for the site).  I'm not at all sure why this species has not appeared here before, as it feeds on meadow plants such as plantain and yarrow and is one of the commonest micros in our garden in Carmarthenshire; I don't think the Dingestow individual belongs to the heather-feeding f. fasciella, which I saw earlier in the year on the Blorenge.  I also have no idea why there are so few Gwent records of E. angustana full-stop: just 10 prior to 2017.

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  1. Well done Sam, your moth tally is very impressive indeed.
    Not sure if too many meadows are around in Monmouthshire/Gwent and people trap near them but the plants you mention are certainly fairly widespread so yes an odd one record wise.
    As for migrants I had a really feisty Udea ferrugalis (Rusty-dot Pearl)the other day which signifies Autumn is on our doorstep to me.


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