Wednesday, 30 August 2017

19th August


Tachystola acroxanthia here again

I first saw this micro moth at Black Rock a few years back but it now seems I do not need to go travelling because conveniently it turns up regular at my house.
This one was disturbed when my wife picked up the kettle to make a cup of tea this morning.
It obviously had flown in from the garden when the window had been open beforehand.

Tachystola acroxanthia (Ruddy Streak)

I'm sure Sam may correct me on this if he has further records to hand, but I'm sure this might be the 5th county record.
This is the 3rd record in-a-row here commencing from 2015. It seems I don't have go looking for it, it just turns up indoors at one time or another. This time though, credit must go to my wife for putting me onto it.

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  1. Bob Roome also caught one in 2016, so yours is the 6th. It hasn't yet reached me at Dingestow, but no doubt I'll catch one here eventually. It is spreading gradually northwards from SW England where it was introduced a few decades ago.