Thursday, 13 July 2017

Star-wort - another new moth for Gwent in Blackwood!

Inspecting my trap this morning I was immediately focussed on what I initially thought was a Mullein (a nice moth to add to this year's garden list I thought), but then checking the books it was apparent that it was too late for Mullein, so what could it be?
On closer inspection the moth had quite distinctive pale kidney oval marks on the forewing which pointed to it probably being a Star-wort and Martin Anthony confirmed that indeed it was and that it was the first for Gwent.


  1. Nice one Kevin.. Gwent species list seems to be getting a few new addition's this year thats for sure.

  2. It's been an amazing year for new Gwent Macros! Would this Blackwood individual be a wanderer from the coast or a local Goldenrod feeder?! Most intriguing.


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