Saturday, 1 July 2017

Small Mottled Willows at Dingestow

My first Dingestow Small Mottled Willows since 2006 were the highlight among 66 species of Macro and 26 species Micro to MV on 30/6.  It was an extremely good night all told, with some excellent wanderers, despite the winds being northerly.  Other species of interest were Dingestow's second Beautiful Snout (a long distance wanderer), my first 2 Small Blood-veins since 2006, 1 Small Dotted Buff, 1 Rosy Footman, 3 Short-cloaked Moth, 1 Crambus pratella (3rd Dingestow record), 1 Rhodophaea formosa (my first at Dingestow since 2007) and an orange Agapeta zoegana (3rd record, all on 'wandering' nights).


An unusual form of Riband Wave with an extra dark band made me consider rarer species...


  1. Nice records Sam. Please let me know if there are any interesting migrants taken in the county.

  2. Some good migrants are blogged on here, Steve, eg by Kevin Dupe and Mel Oxford (as they trap on the coast near Newport), Mel tweets his moths too, as does Nick Felstead. Other migrants caught by non-bloggers appear monthly in Martin's Newsletter, so you'll hear about them one way or another!