Sunday, 9 July 2017

Late June
Private Wood- Square-spot Bramble Shoot Moth

I was kindly given permission to trap in a private wood at the late end of June. It was surprisingly productive given the limited time I stayed there.
Quite a few moths turned up with many new moths to me but this one caught my eye.
We all like to have new encounters, county or national rarities to add to our collection but every now and again we come across different forms which I have to say I find just as interesting.
Last year (2016) a few of us come across the orange form f. furrugana of the micro Knapweed Conch (Agapeta Zoegana) which was a nice addition.
This year I thought I would put this one up here on the Blog because I can't say I've seen this anomaly occur on the Bramble Shoot Moth (Notocelia uddmanniana) and I've seen a few.
An unusual square shaped blotch appeared on this one instead of the normally rounded, chocolate coloured half-moon shape.
Perhaps the moth is evolving or it is just a one-off of the production line, one to break a mould.

None the less, I thought I would call it a sub species...'Square-spot Bramble Shoot Moth'. A bit of a mouthful but it has ring to it!

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