Thursday, 22 June 2017

Redhouse Barns, 21st June 2017

I ran the MV overnight and recorded 38 species, including: 1 Double-line, 1 Eyed Hawk, 1 Poplar Hawk, 10 Elephant Hawk, 1 Miller, 1 Sycamore and a Blair's Mocha (a 1st for Vice-county 35).


  1. What a record! I think that will be new for Wales too. WOuld you mind if I posted the photo on our BC Wales facebook page (credited to you of course)? Thanks Kevin

  2. Wow! I've been praying for a Blair's Mocha. What a great catch.

  3. Excellent Kevin a significant find indeed, well done!
    I've skipped over the moth book a few times and seen it, but its not until you do a bit of follow up that you realise it could be once in a life time find around the V35 area. Hampshire moth site are seeing more and more of it I see, so maybe it may turn up again in the future, fingers crossed, congratulations.


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