Sunday, 25 June 2017

An exciting find in my trap in Blackwood this morning

Whilst trawling through the contents of my two traps this morning (over 300 moths!) I came across a micro which I couldn't pin down an ID on. I initially thought that it might be a worn Acrobasis advenella, and sought confirmation on the UK Micro Moth Identification page on Facebook where upon an experienced moth-er suggested that it could be Pempelia palumbella a new moth for me, and on looking up in the Glamorgan Atlas it appears that it is not very common so I sent a photograph attached to an email to our recorder Sam.

He came back confirming the identification as Pampelia palumbella and that it is a 1st record of this species in Gwent!!!


  1. It's very nice to get this species new for VC35. It feeds on heather and milkwort on heaths, and is scattered in Glamorgan, so semi-predictable but very nice!!

  2. Well done Kevin, well observed given you had around 300 moths to look through, another new species to the Vice County. I can understand why you went for Acrobasis initially as I get them here.

  3. Thanks Nick - yes it does have a similar posture to an Acrobasis, and just proves that having a second look can have dividends on occasion.


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