Monday, 22 May 2017

Filling the gaps - ST2289

I had a look yesterday at ST2289 Fwrwm near Machen.  This is a 1x1 km square that has no butterfly or macro moth species recorded.  The habitat was very good sitting alongside the limestone quarry with old grazed pasture and some small copses of mixed deciduous woodland.  There were no spectacular finds but a respectable 7 butterfly species and 2 day flying moths - the best being Mother Shipton.  It was good to have tried somewhere new and now plan on looking at some other "0" species squares - there are a surprising number across the VC .   Have a look at the page "Help fill the gaps initiative" for details of a square near you!

Species recorded: Speckled Wood; Orange Tip x2; Green-veined White x10; Large White; Common Blue x6; Small Copper; Small Tortoiseshell and, the macros Mother Shipton x4, Brown Silver Line.  There was also Crambus pratella.


  1. Did you photograph the pratella? It's rather early for that scarce species.

  2. Sam, I have got a potential Crambus Pratella still awaiting download from my camera.
    I also had a few migrants which made an appearance last week.