Friday, 12 May 2017

27th April

Broad Meend, Cleddon
- always expect the unexpected

An early morning look for Birch leaf mines was productive producing three different Eriocrania micros at the site including E. Semipurpurella (Early Purple), E.sangii (Large Birch Purple) and E. cicatricella (Washed Purple). This was to aid and boost records for the Eriocrania micro species from Sam's earlier post.

After photographing the leaf mines my hands were tingling for it had been a chilly night on the heath with a possible touch of ground frost, however the early morning sunshine was very quickly warming up the bracken and bare ground and out popped a few Common Heath moths from there protective hideouts.

Encouraged by this sightings I began rummaging around for more leaf mines and disturbed a micro. A tricky customer this one for I had to chase this one down a couple of times to get a few photographs but it all was worth it in the end.
Sam Bosanquet confirmed it as Ancylis uncella (Bridge Roller), a seemingly rarely seen micro in Gwent Vice county. I believe he was the only person to have seen it up until now. His sightings occurred some 18 years ago in 1999, so a considerable gap indeed, but it's 'great to know it is still in the county' he said.

 Bridge Roller- Ancylis uncella on Birch leaf

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