Friday, 31 March 2017

Lower Ochrwyth - 30 March

Very mild night persuaded me to set the MV for a couple of hours in the garden for the first time this year.  A total of 77 moths of 14 species with the bulk being Common Quaker (54) and the highlight being a Dotted Chestnut (2nd for garden - the first being in 2014).  Other species included: Shoulder Stripe; Early Thorn (5); Oak Beauty; Twin-spotted Quaker; March Moth (3); Hebrew Character; Small Quaker (2); Double-striped Pug (4); Brindled Pug; Engrailed; Early Tooth-striped; and, Twenty-plume Moth.


  1. That Dotted Chestnut is rather nice Richard. Cant wait for one to drop in here.... nice one.

  2. Very nice - I've still not seen a Dotted Chestnut. Perhaps Dingestow's first will arrive this weekend...


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