Friday, 10 March 2017

Bashing Yew

Once a week I do an hour's nature walk for our guests at Old Lands, during which I show them a range of intriguing insects, plants etc.  A couple of weeks ago I started by showing them the wealth of insects hibernating in Yew: out came a Caloptilia betulicola as well as loads of leafhoppers, spiders etc.  Last week I bashed the same Yew with my net and caught a C. elongella.  Today a different Yew tree held a C. falconipenella.  The shelter provided by Yew during the winter is ideal for hibernating Micros; I wonder what would be found by tapping Yews in places like the Wyndcliff?!

Caloptilia betulicola, with light brown wings, slight patterning, and white hindlegs

Caloptilia falconipenella, resembling C. semifascia but longer winged and with a dark-speckled white costal blotch (albeit most prominent on its leading edge) rather than a uniformly coloured wing with a white wedge.

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