Friday, 3 February 2017


Not seen a moth since 10.1.17 It's either RAIN. WIND. or too damn COLD sometimes all three at the same time.

The night of 2.2.17 was windy with some heavy rain & 6°.

I did'nt hold out much hope of finding any moths under the works security lights when i checked them at 0615 prior to the start of a dayshift.

But i found this Acleris umbrana.

Sam tells me it is a new micro species for Gwent.

Acleris umbrana

Showing scale tufts.


  1. What a stunning Micro! This seems to be the first Welsh record for many decades of this rare Tortricid. Apparently most recent British records are from SW England, and I suspect that Mel's moth was blown across the Bristol Channel on recent strong winds.

  2. Well done Melvin! Excellent find.
    It has been difficult to find any moths I agree.
    I come up with 14 records so far this year and I have not really 'gone at it' as yet (weather dependent).
    You have to be a little lucky and very vigilant this time of year, which is not to distract from what you have found Mel by the way.
    A little praise and encouragement with new discoveries be it on a personal level or county-wise goes a long way I find, so a well done from me (with a hint of jealousy)!

  3. Amazingly, Lance Hutchings caught an Acleris umbrana east of Newport about 10 days after Mel's. Two in such quick succession suggests this rare species might have colonised VC35, whereas I thought Mel's might have been a blow-in from SW England.

  4. Lance has now caught two more Acleris umbrana, so they are definitely resident in the Newport area.


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