Tuesday, 14 February 2017

14 February- Chepstow
Psychoides fillicivora

This is a follow up on Sam's post.
Thought I would include a picture of the Fern that is in my garden upon which P. fillicivora feeds upon.
I now believe this is possibly a (soft) Shield Fern. (open to debate/ comments).
I checked over the underside leaves, fronds on all plants in my garden and I can report there is no visual sign of any activity.

A bit later in the year I will keep an eye out for any activity and try to post up the signs of 'feeding damage' and hopefully several adults. For those who are keen eyed -there is a white butterfly upon top of the post, but only an ornamental one!

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  1. Hi Nick - that looks like a Male Fern to me, as Shield-ferns have pointier lobes. It's interesting that Psychoides feed on Male Fern (genus Dryopteris) in your garden, as they are more often associated with Asplenium (Spleenworts and Hart's-tongue) though filicivora is a bit more wide-ranging in its tastes.