Wednesday, 18 January 2017

December 2016 Sightings continued...

8th December 2016

Whilst looking out the back window of the house at the sky and back garden today, I couldn't my help but notice a small dark anomaly on the bottom of the pane on the inside.
This, upon closer inspection turned out to be a micro moth, possibly thinking about hibernation. It looked familiar, but as it was quite small I needed to make sure with the camera that it was what I hoped it could be.
Pictures taken of the moth were confirmed by Sam Bosanquet as yet another sighting of Mompha Divisella here at my site.
I say 'yet another' because it seems to be common, a regular visitor /permanent resident with 9 of the 12 Vice County sightings being made here.
Ever since my first sighting here in April 2013 I often encounter it at some point during the year often without seriously looking for it, even for example with a light source as it flies around happily during the daylight.
Its food plant willow-herb, is common in my garden once again, for at one time I thought it as a weed until this Scarce A moth turned up on the scene.
I now do my utmost to encourage it within reason amongst the regular flowers.
Looking around the estate I've often seen willow herb dotted around, so more possibilities are likely that this scarce moth is in a few other gardens under 'Joe Public's' noses!

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