Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn brightness

Cloud cover and light winds, albeit from the north, produced a good, warm night on 7th October, and the Dingestow Court MV was suitably productive.  70+ moths of 27 species appeared, including a nice array of autumn's brightly-coloured species.  Highlight was Dingestow's 3rd Large Wainscot (previously recorded here in September 2004 & 2005), which must have wandered a good distance because of the lack of local reedbeds.  Dark Swordgrass finally made a 2016 debut, and there were 3 Plutella xylostella.  Nice-looking resident species included Barred Sallow x3, Merveille du Jour x3 and Grey Shoulder-knot x1.  Both Willow Beauty and Pale Mottled Willow were carefully checked in case either was something more notable.



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