Sunday, 18 September 2016

Garnddyrys mines

Rowans at Garnddyrys, on the north side of the Blorenge held mines of both Stigmella magdalenae (narrow frass line, only 1 previous VC35 record) and S. nylandriella (broad frass line, seemingly common on Rowans in VC35), as well as Phyllonorycter sorbi.  There were a couple of species on Birch and Hawthorn too.

Mystery of the day is whether a mine on Sheep's Sorrel could be Enteucha acetosae.  It is rather spiralling, but lacks red coloration and the frass is pretty sparse.  I'm guessing it's some kind of fly, but it doesn't match the 3 Pegomya species very well.  It would be new for southern Wales...

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  1. The frass in the sorrel mine certainly looks dipteran. I find fly mines very tricky.