Monday, 12 September 2016

A really distinctive Salix mine

I saw several mines of Phyllocnistis saligna on Crack Willow and White Willow by the River Wye at Wyesham during a lunchtime walk.  This is a really distinctive mine: large, with a silvery upper epidermis, central frass line, and extension into the petiole.  This is the 4th record for VC35: following 2 by Robert Homan on the Wye at Monmouth and 1 by me on the Usk at Abergavenny.  I'm not aware of records further west, though I assume it's in Glamorgan.  It's definitely one to look for in SE Carms.


  1. I can't find it in Cardiff!

  2. I have looked in SE Carms, but likewise sadly failed.