Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Summer slips to a close

The last few days of August ('summer') have been relatively warm, but clear skies have led to cold nights.  Dingestow Court MV catches of 35 species on 29/8 and 50 species on 30/8 were pretty typical late summer fare, with plenty of Brimstone, Large YU, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Small Square-spot and Flounced Rustic, plus increasing numbers of Square-spot Rustic.  There have been a few species of interest though:

the basal band of this Treble-bar looked a bit angled, but its very long claspers ruled out Lesser Treble-bar

Pale Eggar - 3 on 29/8 and 2 on 30/8, which is welcome news for this declining species
Blood-vein - 1 on 29/8 and 3 on 30/8
Treble-bar - 1 on 30/8 was only the 2nd Dingestow record
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing - singles on 29/8 & 30/8
Feathered Gothic - singles on 29/8 & 30/8
Centre-barred Sallow - 1 on 30/8
Lunar Underwing - 1 on 30/8 was the earliest Dingestow record by 8 days

light veins on a dark background: Feathered Gothic and Lunar Underwing

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