Saturday, 2 July 2016

Pretty in black & white

Two Carpets with broadly the same colour scheme were highlights of an afternoon at Dingestow searching for Micros and cursing the wind and heavy showers.  A Blue-bordered Carpet came from alder by the lake, along with a Dingy Shell, another Stathmopoda pedella, and lots of Argyresthia goedartella; a Pretty Chalk Carpet was tapped from garden Clematis on a wall.

A couple of Batia unitella were encountered during the afternoon: one flying on a woodland edge at 15:30 and one disturbed from a dead Lime tree.  It's very much Argyresthia season, and as well as the A. goedartella by the lake I swept the uncommon A. glaucinella (poor record photo) from an Oak trunk and beat A. pruniella from Cherry, A. bonnetella from Hawthorn and A. retinella from Birch.


A Borkhausenia fuscescens was flying near the house at 17:30, demonstrating just how tiny this species is (if you have to puzzle over a moth, wondering whether it's a small Brown House-moth or a Borkhausensia, then it's the former!).  Large Tabby and Small Dusty Wave were nearby, completing a trio of moths of grubby places.

Finally, a check of the Yellow-legged Clearwing oaks revealed one more exuvia, which had emerged since I last checked the trees on 23rd June.

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