Sunday, 31 July 2016

Haisbro Avenue, 30th July

Sheila and I ran the MV over-night and this morning recorded just 64 moths of just 28 species. High-lights were 5 Brown-veined Wainscots, 1 Twin-spotted Wainscot, one Sallow Kitten and a Small Blood-vein. The number of Wainscots is surprising as the nearest reedbed is approx 500m away at the Moorings. Wind obviously in the right direction? 

 Brown-veined Wainscot

 Twin-spotted Wainscot

Sallow Kitten

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  1. Those are remarkable wandering Wainscots, Kevin. It's good to highlight how much our moths can wander, and how every night's trapping can be subtly different depending on the vagaries of the weather. Thanks for Blogging this.