Sunday, 12 June 2016

National Moth Night continued at Dingestow

I very nearly didn't trap on the 3rd night of NMN 2016, because of forecast heavy rain at 05:00, but I couldn't resist and put out the Actinic as it is relatively waterproof.  As it happened, I woke at 03:50 so was able to close the trap then, pre-rain, and return to bed.  I'm glad I did, because there was Dingestow's first Broom Moth waiting inside, along with various geometrids that hadn't appeared at my MV the previous night (perhaps because of bird predation resulting from an 06:00 start).

Broom Moth - Dingestow's 863rd moth species (377th Macro)
Other species of vague interest were Scorched Carpet, Purple-bar, Coronet, Tinea semifulvella and another Eyed Hawk-moth (my first here didn't appear until 2005 but now they are regular).  Hardly vintage, but worth the effort.
Also of note is the continued presence of Large Tabby in the archway at Dingestow Court, despite the area being cleaned and repainted over the winter (for the first time in decades).  This species eats detritus, so I was worried it might have been wiped out.



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