Saturday, 4 June 2016

Markham Quarry

I made a rare trapping excursion east into Gwent last night, spending three hours at Markham Quarry with Chris Owen and Karen Wilkinson. It turned a bit chilly and dewy under clear skies but we did pretty well with 52 species recorded in a 125W MV and two 6W actinics. Highlights included Shears, White Pinion-spotted, Grass Rivulet, Scorched Wing, Campion, Brown Rustic, Coronet and Shoulder-striped Wainscot. The best of the micros was certainly Ancylis geminana (hopefully Sam can confirm from photos below).

Before the trapping we spent quite a while netting micros around this nice herb-rich grassland site. An additional 13 species were recorded including four species of Glyphypterix (simpliciella, thrasonella, fuscoviridella and forsterella). The best, though, was the Nationally Notable Grapholita lunulana - a vetch feeder (photo below).


  1. There are just 3 previous VC records of lunulana - two from the east and one from the west. geminana has just 2 previous records - Hael Wood and Cleddon Bog - but I haven't yet checked it with a book (though I'm sure you are right, George!).

  2. Excellent, thanks for the info Sam.