Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Another night at Dingestow

An hour in the evening tapping Oaks and other trees produced a good range of Micros, including Ectoedemia sphendamni (a well-marked Nepticulid) and Caloptilia robustella

I finished off by sweeping my net over a low-growing Cupressus in the garden, filling it with 15+ Argyresthia trifasciata.  This is only the third recorded VC35 site for this rapidly spreading Micro, following Nick Felstead in Chepstow in 2015 and Kevin Hewitt in Blackwood last week.


The Actinic held Puss Moth, Poplar Kitten (my first at Dingestow since before 2000) and 20 other Macros, as well as the Mayflies Heptagenia sulphurea and Serratella ignita.


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