Sunday, 5 June 2016

A muggy night at Dingestow

The 4th of June had one of those classic warm, muggy nights that demand trapping even when one is exhausted.  I dragged myself out of bed rather late, at 06:00, and suspect that many moths from outside the MV trap had already left as the sheet was almost bare.  Nevertheless, there were 200+ moths of 67 species in and around the trap, including a tally of 124 Diamond-backed Plutella xylostella.

There were many other highlights, with Dingestow's first Grass Rivulet (I know of no Yellow Rattle on the surrounding farms, so this was a wanderer from at least a kilometre away) and first Eudonia pallida (a really fresh, well-marked individual) the standouts.  Also of note were 2 Orange Footman (3rd Dingestow record), 1 Gold Spot (3rd Dingestow record), 2 Miller (6th record), 1 Eyed Hawk-moth (8th record), 1 Cream Wave, 1 Green Silver-lines, 1 Figure-of-80, 1 Cydia fagiglandana, 1 Ephestia parasitella, and 15+ Coleophora laricella (among 4 identified Coleophora spp. and loads of individuals left unidentified).



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