Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May Micropterix

The Micropterix season has started, at least according to my contacts in Carmarthenshire - please look for them on buttercups.  I still haven't spotted any M. calthella or M. aruncella feeding on pollen this year, but I did sweep a M. tunbergella from a lane bank at Priory Grove (near Hadnock) at lunchtime today.  The only other moth I saw during my walk was a Psychoides filicivora.  Both these common species are new for the VC35 bit of SO51.  I hope that future lunchtime walks will be slightly more productive.

As with several previous posts, a non-lepidopteran invert was highlight of the day.  This smart male Portevenia maculata was resting on a Wild Garlic leaf.  It's a widespread but rather uncommon hoverfly, host specific to Wild Garlic.

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