Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Crassa tinctella new for Monmouthshire

It may just look like a Caddis, but this is the scarce, deadwood-feeding Oecophorid moth Crassa tinctella.  I beat three out of the sheltered, SW side of a parkland Oak at Dingestow Court on the late afternoon of 30th May 2016.  As well as the early flight date (May-June), this species differs from the commoner C. (Batia) unitella in its level resting posture (C. unitella rests with its head very down-pointing), pale tegulae, and overall pale colouration.  I have been hoping for many years that the Dingestow parkland could support this uncommon moth, so was thrilled finally to catch one.
Yesterday's hour of beating and sweeping was frankly more productive than running overnight MV and Actinic traps.  Beating and sweeping produced nearly 30 species, including 4 Diamond-backed Moth (part of a national influx from the north-east), Mompha langiella (swept from an Oak trunk), Phyllonorycter kleemannella, Bucculatrix thoracella and Ectoedemia albifasciella.  The traps held around 30 species as well, but almost no Micros and little of interest apart from an Alder Moth and a Fern.

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