Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Broom-tip sightings

A follow up to Sam's post I'd thought I would report the two sightings of the Nationally 'Scarce B' Broom-tip moth I've had in the last few days.
The first sighting was on the 1st May at the Coed Golley area near Trellech.
It was a poor evening due to the exposure of the site. Drizzle blown in by a keen wind eventually succumbed to low cloud and fog fairly soon after so things were a little difficult.
Had just two moths turn up in 1 hour 40 mins and I quite frankly gave up on the whole session (which is unlike me).
A Common Quaker and what I eventually found out was a Broom-tip moth was the result, so a tough night was not all in vain.
The second encounter of a Broom-tip happened just 5 days later at St. Pierre's Great Woods, where the night was in complete contrast to Trellech with little winds, no precipitation and an altogether quieter atmosphere to record lepidoptera. Suffice to say I didn't give up on this evening!

I have noted that on both occasions the Broom-tip turned up early in the trapping session, say within the first 40-50 minutes if that is of any interest to any moth trappers out there.
I don't know if this is the case where there are likely to be more active earlier in the evening perhaps.

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