Saturday, 7 May 2016

A warm night at Dingestow

The forecast warm night came true, and my MV at Dingestow attracted >40 moths of 19 species.  This is pretty good compared with recent catches in south Wales (where everyone is commenting on how late the season is) but is below par for early May. 

Highlights were Pine Beauty (photo) and Depressaria chaerophylli (the 5th Dingestow and VC35 record, identifiable by the dark palps with a pale tip, the lack of a white spot in the forewing, and the contrastingly pale thorax; photo).  The children enjoyed Swallow Prominents (photo), Lunar Marbled Browns (photo) and Brindled Beauties, but nobody was impressed by the 5 grotty Elachista canapenella!

Hawthorn Shieldbug (photo), Cockchafer and the caddisfly Limnephilus sparsus also came to the MV.

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