Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lighthouse Park

Sunday 27th December with the weather forecast of SE 7mph but increasing, 11° & part cloudy. This would be my last chance to trap at home this year. I decided to run the 125w MV on the back patio & the 4x30w actinic in the side garden. With the wind coming over the sea wall increasing i had only potted 1 Dark Chestnut, 1 Rusty-dot Pearl & 1 Acleris schalleriana by midnight.

On checking the traps at 0730 there was no sign of any other moths dropping in over night.

Sam informs me this Acleris schalleriana is the 3rd record for vc35, the two prior to this being for laval records.

Thats it for me this year. Looking forward to the 2016 season and hopefully a surprise or two dropping into the traps.

Hope you all have a moth filled 2016....

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