Thursday, 3 December 2015

Chepstow- 30th November
Beware the Tiger 

With all of this unsettled weather around you would not think too much was about, well your right there isn't really, but thought I would just post this just to keep the interest ticking over.

Went out into garden to check things over after the recent winds and low and behold clinging upon a fence in a protected part of the back garden were some caterpillars- in fact 4 of them.
The distinctive black and yellow Caterpillar is of the Scarlet Tiger Moth.
A Nationally localised moth by all accounts although here they are seen every year as an adult flying around as dusk approaches in June and July or as a caterpillar later in the year.
There appear quite common locally I've found with another site located in the town of Chepstow and also another found just a few miles away near Sedbury in Gloucestershire Vice County.
There are very striking in flight and a delight to see on a summers day with the rich scarlet underwings on show.

Scarlet Tiger caterpillar- Callimorpha dominula

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